For a very long time, from 2008 until the present we called our duo Les Aventures Sous la Mer, named after the first collection of music we made together, and we may even call ourselves that again in the Future.

Man From Uranus is Phil mFu, electronic musician inspired by early electronic music, vintage library, psych rock and has performed over 400 live shows solo and with other artists since the year 2000. Phil studied Astronomy at University before purchasing a Theremin and decided a life of making space music was the true way to space.
Phil MFU also records and plays live with the UK exotic psych group Vanishing Twin signed to Soundway records.

Jellica records and performs Commodore 64 and Gameboy music and is prominent in the chiptune scene managing the popular web blog kittenrock which hosts music by a vast variety of 8bit sound creators. &

MFU and Jellica have been recording and playing together regularly in Cambridge and London since 2009 and have released a great deal of music and video on the net. Duck wars is their first set of tunes committed to vinyl, with more releases to follow in (( the Future ))